Good photography is as important as presenting your property well. A photograph will often be the first impression a potential buyer will have of your house, and it can influence their decision to view it.

A few tips for better photographs:

Lights… action: Sounds obvious, but make sure the photos are good quality. If you decide to photograph it yourself, ensure the house is well lit with natural or electric light. A property shot late in the evening with interior lights on can look stunning.

Keep it clean: Your photos should always be framed well. Ensure the rubbish/washing/dirty dishes/hanging wires are out of view before taking the shot. Remove any items that appear to clutter or cramp spaces.

Shoot to thrill: In addition to documenting the best features of your property, people like to see a range of interior and exterior shots. Not including interior shots can be very off-putting.

Don’t be too tricky: Use photography to enhance your property, not misrepresent it. Yes, you may attract more people to your open home with photos that create the illusion of space or stand-alone instead of semi-detached, but they’ll be put off when they see they’ve been misled.

Get help: For such an important sale, always consider the benefits of using a professional photographer – they will ensure that your property looks its best to help you achieve the best possible result.